Scallops & Sauce

(227 g)

227 gr. Clearwater’s finest Argentine Scallops are coated in a restaurant quality garlic cream sauce, ideal for fast and easy seafood dishes.


Clearwater’s Garlic and Cream Scallops & Sauce product can be served on its own, or can be customized to each home chef’s taste and preferences. It can be used as a pasta or fish topper, a twist on a classic bruschetta, or even to create a delicious seafood flatbread. The versatility and ease of preparation make Scallops & Sauce an ideal seafood meal option for time-pressed consumers seeking variety.

Click here to view how seafood is made simple with Clearwater’s Scallops & Sauce.

More Information
Material N/A
Sold as eaches No
Calories/Energy 113 kcal/472 kj
Fat 6 g
Satured Fat 3 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 25 mg
Sodium 370 mg
Salt 0.9 g
Potassium 260 mg
Carbohydrate 5 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sugars 2 g
Protein 10 g

* Per 100g serving