Fresh Mussels 5lb Bag

(5 lb Bag)

5 lb bag. Fresh Mussels from the cold, clear waters off of Prince Edward Island are a true Maritime favourite!

Atlantic Mussels are an easy and versatile seafood option for a flavourful meal that can be prepared in little time. Atlantic Mussels are best enjoyed simply steamed and served with butter, in a rich and creamy chowder, or elevated into a delicious pasta dish. This product is conveniently packed in a 5 lb bag and we suggest serving ½ lb to 1 lb of mussels per person.

TIP – Plump up the meat by soaking the mussels in a container of 2 gallons of water mixed with 1/3 cup of flour, 30 minutes prior to cooking. The mussels naturally filter the water and consume the flour, resulting in a plumper meat.

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